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A wonderful art blog for you to enjoy. It's 99.5% Harvest Moon, though, so prepare yourself if you haven't already. And if you have, then wecome to my domain.

Feel Free to make a request any time!

I have the strongest appreciation for selphiaseeds' arthur/dolce love child so I doodled the bae.
(ps I know nothing about pico or rf4 I just like awesome character designs)

now that my blood oath is fulfilled I feel like drawing some jamie

An art trade with Chuuponpon of their OC, Hochiri. It took years because I set it down and then didn’t pick it back up for a good two weeks lmao I’m so sorry.
Doodling the bachelorettes (and the fashionable almost-wife) from Harvest Moon.
Candace, Selena, Ellen, Antoinette, and Daisy.
I’m sick and got really angry about something so I needed to doodle happy things and also Antoinette judgin’ u.

AlriGHT I HAVE AN ART TRADE TO DRAW and then another thing to draw and then I’ll probably do more requests (they’re taking years I’m so sorry) but yeah I’ll go update the requests list cause I remember I got a few more recently (I mean like that might have been a month ago I’m bad at requests)

Mist buys buckets of turnips off Arthur so they travel to Kardia and drop everything off and Ivan travels back w/ Arthur to protect the cousin bro bc Mist is insistent that he is the true turnip prince.
Extra doodle of Arthur on the side bc reasons.
Some ponytail Kuruna to match the ponytail Ondorus.
Doing some coloring practice but I’m not sure I like it very much. u~u
randombore: *plays the recorder*